Loft Insulation

From April 2018 it will be unlawful to rent out a house or business premise which has less than an “E” energy efficiency rating.

Did you know that around 25% of heat loss in the home escapes through the roof? Or that in 2003 in the UK, the energy we used in our homes produced 27 per cent of the carbon dioxide emissions entering the atmosphere.

Loft Insulation can save you up to £140* per year. With current low installation costs the payback period can be very short.

Most homeowners know they have some Loft Insulation, but many are not aware that the depth recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and current Building Regulations is 270mm, or approximately 11 inches. If your insulation is either level with or below the height of your rafters you could save more precious energy by topping up your Loft Insulation with a further 200 mm.

Installing the right level of loft insulation will also lessen your family’s impact on the environment, and help protect you against future price rises. You can future proof your home by insulating your loft to 300mm of insulation.

Energy Efficiency is a government priority and insulation grants are still available for householders regardless of income.

Many families use their lofts for storage areas, we are able to insulate your loft and install boarded areas to allow you to benefit from insulation and still use your loft space.

*Up to 100% grant funded insulation is available and subject to survey, terms and conditions apply . Figures are quoted from the Energy Saving Trust. Based on adding Loft Insulation of 270mm to an uninsulated three bed semi-detached house.



We carry out Thermal heat loss with our Infrared Scanner to check for cold spots from inside and in the loft areas.

If you require a survey to check your loft insulation please visit our survey request form below.