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Loft Ladders


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Loft Boarding

Loft boarding to suit your needs & budget


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Bungalow Project

Bungalow loft boarding Project


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Hobby room or clean storage


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Safety Rails

The Loft Surround Safety Rail is extra safety for you in your Loft/Attic space


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Loft Cleaning

Some lofts are simply too dusty and dirty even with vermin to even consider getting into let alone storing your treasured items. We can offer a full insulation removal, loft cleaning and new insulation.


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Full loft Service

Removing bees’ nests. Removing old blown fibre loft insulation and replacing with new 270mm insulation.
Repairing leaking roof on valley then replacing rotten timbers caused by a long-term leak. Finishing with Installing loft boards for storage including LED lighting.


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