Loft Insulation

NO VAT ON Loft insulation till 2027. Chancellor Rishi Sunak said that homeowners having materials such as solar panels, electric heat pumps and insulation installed in the next five years would pay no VAT.


From April 2018 it will be unlawful to rent out a house or business premise which has less than an “E” energy efficiency rating.


Did you know that around 25% of heat loss in the home escapes through the roof? Or that in 2000 in the UK, the energy we used in our homes produced 27 per cent of the carbon dioxide emissions entering the atmosphere.

Loft Insulation can save you up to £240 per year. With current low installation costs, the payback period can be very short.

Most homeowners know they have some Loft Insulation, but many are not aware that the depth recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and current Building Regulations is 270mm, or approximately 11 inches.

Installing the right level of loft insulation will also lessen your family’s impact on the environment and help protect you against future price rises. You can future proof your home.



Knauf Insulation

Knauf Insulation Loft Roll 44 is a Glass Mineral Wool roll, designed for use in cold lofts where pitched roofs are insulated at ceiling level, that offers good thermal performance in the range.
U Value 0.044 W/mK ideal for new builds from late 80’s

Knauf Insulation Loft Roll 40 is a Glass Mineral Wool roll, designed for use in cold lofts where pitched roofs are insulated at ceiling level, that offers the best thermal performance in the range.
It is non-combustible insulation with the best possible Euroclass A1 reaction to fire classification and is manufactured using Knauf Insulation’s unique bio-based binder, ECOSE® Technology.
U Value 0.040 W/mK ideal for older properties

Sheep’s Wool Insulation

Thermafleece CosyWool is a long-lasting sheep wool insulation product. Manufactured from 75 percent wool and 25 percent polyester, of which 15 percent is recycled polyester, it is safe to handle without protective.
high thermal and acoustic performance, highly breathable fabric.
U Value 0.039 W/mK

SupaSoft Insulation

SupaSoft recycled plastic insulation is soft, warm and kind insulation for your home. manufactured in the UK from recycled plastic bottles.
SupaSoft is non itch and contains no added harmful chemicals, or binders.
U Value 0.16W/mK




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