Keylite Loft Ladders

The Keylite Loft Ladder is designed to ensure simple, fast installation.

With pre-installed Flick-Fit brackets, allowing installation from below the loft, and with a unique detachable ladder which enables one-person installation, the Keylite Loft Ladder is designed to make your life easier.

Note: Keylite Loft Ladders are not intended to be used as an alternative and/or substitute for traditional stairs in order to access loft converted areas.


Flick-Fit Brackets – All Keylite Loft Ladders are manufactured with our unique
patented flick fit brackets that are pre-installed to the Loft Ladder frame. These
brackets enable an installation from below the loft while also facilitating
a one-person installation.

Installation – Keylite provide all necessary fixtures and fittings required to install
our Loft Ladder including two Support Laths. These laths are designed to hold
the ladder in place until the installer can safely get in position to complete the
installation process.

Detachable Ladder – The Keylite Loft Ladder can be removed from the trap
door to reduce the weight of the overall unit in order to make the installation
process as quick and as easy as possible.
Controlled Dismount – The incredibly durable hinges used between the
segments of the loft ladder offer increased safety and peace of mind when
opening the trapdoor that the ladder will not drop independently on the
person below.

Continuous Seal – Keylite Loft Ladders have incorporated a continuous seal
around the trap door which reduces Heat Loss and improves the overall Air
Tightness of the product.
Pre-Fitted Handrail – Located to the right hand side of the ladder, the handrail
offers added safety when using the ladder.
Insulated Trapdoor – The white 36mm thick Insulated Trapdoor is supplied as
standard on all Keylite Loft Ladders and boasts an impressive U-Value
of 1.1 W/m²K

Recessed Locking – Keylite Loft Ladders are provided with a recessed locking
system installed within the trapdoor for increased aesthetics and improved safety.
Slip Resistant Treads – The profile of the rungs on a Keylite Loft Ladder include
a series of built in slip resistant treads to offer increased safety and assurance to
the user when accessing and egressing the ladder.

Dovetail Joints – All of the rungs on a Keylite Loft Ladder feature Dovetail joints
at the intersect with the Ladder rails for increased tensile strength and allow
the maximum weight capacity of the ladder to reach, but not exceed 160Kg.

Protective Feet – Every one of the Keylite Loft Ladders are provided with a pair
of protective feet for the ends of the rails. These protective feet act to combat
the scratches to laminate floors and tiles that can occur when the feet are not
applied and the exposed timber continually rubs along the surface of the floor.

Air Tightness – All of the Keylite loft ladders are draught proof and have
obtained the highest classification possible on these products, Class 4.

Approved – Keylite have invested in their products in order to gain the relevant
certification and accreditations from national and European bodies. The Keylite
Loft Ladder is no different and is fully certified to EN 14975.