Roof Surveys  

Loft and Roof Surveys

We now offer roof surveys for home Buyers & Sellers. The roof is the heart of any home and can be very expensive if there are problems with the roof.
We have seen many problems with roofs over the years. Which sadly involved thousands of pounds to buyers unaware of problems with the roof areas. Some sellers are aware they have a Leaking Roof, Asbestos Loft Insulation, Bad Wiring, Wood Worm, and Rotten Timbers where which could cost you thousands of pounds to put right. Not all home buyers’ surveys pick these problems up. We have found in recent times that, sadly this has been the case.
One of our clients experienced this at their expense. Luckily, we picked this up and pointed this out. The seller was aware of this and never mentioned this to the buyer. sadly late for our client. and was not picked up by the home buyers survey.

What do we look for in a Survey?

  • We check the loft hatch.
  • We look under the insulation back to the original. to check if asbestos is present.
  • We check the loft insulation. current thickness 250 to 270 mm.
  • We look for the presence of woodworm/dry rot.
  • We check for air vents in the roof.
  • We check the timber joists/bearings
  • We check for leaks around the chimney stack.
  • We check for any leaks in the roof.
  • We check for loft voids. This can be a potential Fire hazard.
  • We check any ducting coming from a shower bathroom or toilet.
  • We check downlights are fire rated.
  • We check any vents that are broken or need replacing.
  • We check for any signs of vermin.
  • We check electrical wiring.
  • We check if there is any household rubbish in the loft. old carpets are common.
  • We will send you a full written report.

Don’t risk it get a survey done.

In most cases, the seller will reduce the selling price due to any work that is required in the loft or roof.

We use a high power LED light to inspect lofts, so we don’t miss anything!

Having been working in lofts for over 20 years we think we know a thing or to about lofts and what sellers don’t want you to see.


Full Loft Survey £375.00
Drone Survey £650.00.

We cover up to a range of 25 miles (40 km) of Cardiff.