Spray Foam Insulation Removal

Mortgage lenders may find properties with SPF unmortgageable
Don’t ever agree to spray foam insulation!

Most Lenders will not lend money against a property with Spray Foam in situ in the loft space. This is because it can lead to damage to the timbers supporting the roof structure. Any damage that may occur, is unseen due to the covering of the Spray Foam. There is also concern that the timber’s ability to breathe is reduced, which lends itself to the process of becoming damaged.

Spray Foam Insulation should never be used in older buildings

If you live in a beautiful old property, steer well clear of Spray foam insulation shouldn’t be used in heritage and thatched properties, historical buildings or properties in conservation areas.

In fact, according to Heritage House, they have seen entire roofs rotted and unrecoverable after SPF has been used. They state that by using SPF in your roof, ‘…you will devalue your home by the amount that a new roof will cost, and more.’ And we agree.

Indeed, a new roof can cost many thousands of pounds, especially for older listed properties that may need hand-made clay roof tiles to ensure it’s in keeping with the surrounding area.

If you are concerned about your loft, please get in touch will be on hand to offer any advice with over 30 years of building experience we can help.